Madison Street Capital offers Employee Stock Ownership Plan

One of the aspects of Madison Street Capital that makes it a very successful and trustworthy company is that it offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This type of plan allows the employees of companies to own part of the firm and become beneficiaries of the stock. Often times, the more involved an employee is allowed to be in the company that they work for, the more passion that they have towards working for the company. An employee that is given very little involvement in the company is less likely to want to work for the company.

There are plenty of ESOP services that Madison Street Capital offers to employees of the company. Madison Street Capital performs plenty of ESOP valuations and there have been multiple ESOP transactions. There are steps to performing ESOP. For one thing, there must be an appraisal and analyses of the stock price of the company. When it comes to privately owned companies, that can prove to be very challenging. However, Madison Street Capital knows how to advise their clients on dealing with ESOP. They have an expert opinion on the potential ESOP of any given firm. They follow the needed steps in order to make sure that the company is ready for ESOP.

Allowing employees to own partial stock of a firm allows them to be a little more involved in the company that they are working under. Also, they have more potential for earning when they own stock. They not only earn their wages, but they also have leverage for what they earn. As one would say, it is not how hard one works, but how smart one works that determines how likely he is to achieve financial independence. There are many tools that Madison Street Capital is willing to provide for people who are willing to look at different ways to make profits. They help companies with the obstacles that they could face when trying to reach their goals, and they help companies provide opportunities for workers of all levels of employment within the company. They provide some of the best advice available to anyone who is interested.

OrganoGold Beverage Combines Herbal Nutrition of East & West

OrganoGold is a healthy beverage made from the Asian herb: Ganoderma Lucidium (also known as the Red Reishi Mushroom.) OrganoGold has many products including gourmet coffee, tea, mocha, latte and espresso. The company operates in more than 35 countries.

“King of the Ancient Herbs”

The Ming Dynasty (circa 1368 to 1644 A.D.) appreciated the health benefits of the Ganoderma Lucidium Mushroom. When you enjoy the OrganoGold beverages, you can add this great herb to your diet easily. Here are just a few of the many health benefits of OrganoGold Ganoderma:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antiviral
  • Antioxidant
  • Immune
  • Liver

Every day, you come into contact with a wide variety of dangerous bacteria and viruses that can make you seriously ill. Drinking the tasty OrganoGold teas, coffees and mochas gives your immune system a boost. They also assist your liver in safely removing toxins.

East Meets West in OrganoGold

OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua continues to expand the company operations to allow more customers around the world to enjoy the benefits of this great herbal product. Unlike some “medicine-tasting” blends, these OrganoGold products are “great-tasting.” Parents won’t need to force their children to add something peculiar to their diet.  Chua has even talked about the benefits on his blog in the past.

The global village is enabling different cultures to share their nutritional secrets for good health. One danger with such a mobile world is the increase in various sicknesses, illnesses and diseases. Consumers can simply add small packets of OrganoGold blends to their morning beverages; these are tasty, healthy and easy-to-use.

Herbal beverages, such as OrganoGold, work with your body’s natural immune system. Your body will easily process these coffees and teas helping you to feel more regular. You never know when you might run across someone ill, so get the protection your family deserves with the brand sweeping across the globe: OrganoGold.

The Best Music Impersonator In The World Captures The Essence Of Micheal Jackson

When Micheal Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009 the entire world went into a state of shock and mourning. It seemed like there was a void that was left in the universe on that dreadful day. Fortunately, Jackson fans have access to a rich legacy of his songs, interviews and music videos for all of us to remember him by.

In conjunction with Jackson’s entertainment catalog, we also have the privilege of watching MJ impersonators sing his songs and replicate his dance moves in real time. To be honest, most of the MJ impersonators are not very good, for most of them are not able to truly capture many of Jackson’s characteristics and talents.

However, my perception of MJ impersonators completely changed this summer when I saw Sergio Cortes perform live. If you do not know who Sergio Cortes is, then the best way to describe him is as the greatest MJ impersonator of all time. When I saw Cortes perform I thought that Micheal Jackson was still alive and that MJ had fooled us all. I literally did a double take and my jaw dropped as Cortes soulfully danced, spun on his heels and moon-walked across the stage. In addition, I was close enough to the stage to completely analyze Cortes from head to toe, and I promise, I could not find a single physical trait or gesture that was any different from the King of Pop’s. I was thinking to myself that this guy is either a wizard, a Jackson relative or someone who has paid a lot of money for plastic surgery. After I got home that night from the concert I did a little bit of research on Cortes, and I discovered that Cortes was not a wizard, relative nor had he ever had plastic surgery of any kind.

I found out that Sergio Cortes is a native of Spain who has always looked like Micheal Jackson ever since he was a child. Apparently, when he was an adolescent, people would pay him to sing Micheal Jackson songs and to dance like MJ. When Cortes was a teenager, he decided to use his striking MJ resemblance as a business model to become a professional impersonator. His business plan was really wise because in conjunction with looking like MJ he also happens to be a talented dancer and singer who has the same vocal patterns as Jackson’s.

As an MJ impersonator, Cortes is adored by fans worldwide, and he is consistently scheduled to perform and to make special guest appearances all-year-around. I can attest to the fact that when Cortes steps on the stage he brings joy to the hearts of MJ fans, and because of this, he will probably go down in history as the greatest MJ impersonator of all time.

The Long Process of Becoming a Lawyer in Brazil

Brazilian law is a combination of many European countries. Brazil had not yet won independence until the year of 1822 from Portugal. The independence of Brazil soon lead to the need in establishing law schools that would teach the desired law that Brazil wanted to enact in the establishment of a new and independent nation. With that said, the first law school in Brazil was established in 1827.

The Brazilian Civil Law Code has been derived from multiple European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, as well as Portugal. After gaining independence, Brazil established a legal system that consisted of a centralized Constitution that would act as the law of the land. In addition to this, each region would also have their own individual rights that could not be touched by the Federal Government. The key to the Brazilian form of government is a balance in power between the federal government and the state. In addition to this, there is a federal supreme court as well as regional courts that establish laws and regulations when they are called for.

To be a lawyer in Brazil is not an easy process. To start off with, one must take a private exam that will be administered by each individual law school. This exam will determine what law school one can attend. Once attending law school, any student who is pursuing a law degree must be in school for five years in order to earn their undergraduate degree in law. To pass University with an undergraduate degree in law, one must also present and argue a thesis in front of a board of professors.

After achieving the undergraduate degree, a potential lawyer must then pass one of the hardest examinations known as the Bar Examination. This exam consists of two parts. The first section is multiple choice and the second section in essay based. To be a lawyer does not just consist of passing exams. To be a lawyer, one must be both hardworking and demonstrate leadership skills. Above all, a lawyer must be an adaptable tactician. This means that a lawyer must be able to adapt their technique to any situation.

One notable Brazilian lawyer is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Oliveira has achieved success through his hard work and his diligence. Mr. Oliveira understands what it is like to be an underdog lawyer. Mr. Oliveira started out his career at a small law firm and later ventured on his own to create one of the most successful, if not the most successful law firms in the country of Brazil. Mr. Oliveira is famous in Brazil for his strategies used. In fact, his older strategies have become common techniques that are currently being used by lawyers in present day.

OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua Expands Into Turkey

The country of Turkey is one of the most famous for coffee drinking in the world and was the site of the what is thought to be the world’s first coffeehouse in the 15th century. Despite the fact that Turkey has a large number of coffee brands already in existence the healthy coffee brand, OrganoGold is looking to expand its operations into the country in a bid to grow the business into a wide range of new areas of the world. Under the leadership of Bernardo Chua the OrganoGold brand has been growing at a fast rate since it was first founded in a small coffee shop in the small city of Richmond, Canada.

Although Bernardo Chua has moved the base of his operation to British Columbia, Canada, he has remained linked to his home country of the Philippines. So tied to his roots and history is Chua that he recently made a special trip to Manila to receive an award voted for by the Filipino consumers that celebrated Chua himself as CEO of the year and his brand as the favorite direct selling company. The CEO of OrganoGold has had a long history of bringing consumers food and drink products infused with the goodness of the Ganoderma extract sourced from a remote area of China.

Facebook said the move of OrganoGold into Turkey is designed to make sure the people of the country have the chance to enjoy the antioxidant and healthy living options of the Ganoderma infused coffee and lifestyle products. Turkey also represents another option in allowing the brand to move into new areas of the world from this uniquely positioned country. Turkey is often seen as the gateway between the east and west, with OrganoGold feeling they can move into areas of Europe, Asia and Africa that have yet to enjoy the healthy lifestyle encouraged by OrganoGold.

Insight into the Event-Driven Hedge Fund Strategy

In hedge fund management, the event-driven approach is applied when the risk and principal investment opportunity are associated with a projected event. The investment strategy targets corporate deals like consolidations, bankruptcies, acquisitions, recapitalization and liquidations. Hedge fund managers apply the strategy, and focus on valuation inconsistencies in the global investment market before or even after the events. They are based on the projected movement of the target security or securities. High-yielding investors like hedge funds, usually pursue the event-driven strategy more than the traditional equity investors. It is because they have the resources and expertise to evaluate correctly corporate events, for spotting viable investment opportunities.

Corporate events are divided into three categories; distressed securities, unique situations, and risk arbitrage. A distressed securities strategy frequently involves investing in loans and bonds to firms facing imminent bankruptcy or harsh financial anguish. Hedge fund managers applying the distressed securities investment approach aim to exploit the depressed bond values. Hedge funds are buying distressed debt mostly prevent those firms from collapsing, since the acquisition deters foreclosure by the indebted banks. While event-driven strategy tends to flourish during bull markets, distressed investing strategies thrive during bear markets. Risk arbitrage involves stock trading of several merging firms to exploit the market discrepancies in acquisition prices and stock value. It can be risky when the mergers or acquisitions fail to materialize but hedge fund managers employ hi-tech research and analysis to predict if the events occur. Special situations are investment events that affect the value of a firm’s stock. To exploit the particular situations, hedge fund managers like Ken Griffin on insidemonkey identify upcoming events that are capable of decreasing or increasing the value of a company’s equity.

Ken Griffin is a globally renowned hedge fund expert who has flourished in the event-driven strategy. He was born in, Florida on October 1968. In 1986, he kicked off his hedge fund business in his maiden year on the campus. He was inspired by a hedge fund article in a renowned financial magazine. His hedge fund was to target convertible bonds. Griffin started his venture with $265,000 which he borrowed from his family members as well as his friends. Startlingly, the hedge fund guru even borrowed some money from his grandmother. Afterward, he linked a satellite to his dorm to help him get market trends in real-time. This investment strategy helped safeguard his investments during the 1987 international stock market crisis. Griffin’s early success in this business enabled him launch his second hedge fund. During those initial stages, he managed more than $1 million from the two hedge firms. Griffin graduated in the year 1989 from Harvard University with a degree in Economics. He is the CEO and the sole founder of Citadel LLC.

Citadel is among the world’s biggest investment management firms. The firm has several hedge funds that are ranked among the most successful in the world. Griffin is an exceptionally talented hedge fund manager who ranks among the richest men in the industry. He is also a philanthropist who has previously donated to numerous institutions among them his former university. The business mogul has also made very magnanimous donations to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Chicago and many others.

Susan McGalla Sees Football As Key To Her Success

Former American Eagle President Susan McGalla’s return to the world of football has seen her credit her football coach father with helping her become a success in the business world on McGalla was speaking about the role and chances of women entering the business world and revealed much about how her sports crazy family influenced her life in many ways as they looked to make sure she had the best possible chance at success in her own future. Now the Director of Strategic Growth and Planning with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla also runs her own P3 consulting business as she looks to make the most of the skills she has developed over the course of her career.

McGalla is a native of the Pittsburgh area and was brought up in a family headed by her football coach father, a man she states rarely allowed gender to play a role in any activities of options his children wanted to become involved in. The McGalla family were all told they could achieve anything without any mention of their genders, which is an example the marketing and brand expert wishes more in the business world would look to follow. Susan McGalla’s father influenced her in many ways and allowed her to take an almost unique approach to her business career where she did highlight or use her own gender at any point. McGalla stated she wishes those attempting to inspire young women would take a similar approach and not use the buzzwords and slogans she feels have become an issue for many potential businesspeople.

Susan McGalla made her move through the American Eagle empire in a short period of time as she began her career as a buyer and continued on her upward trajectory until she was named President of the company. In her time as President of American Eagle she oversaw a change in the marketing of the brand and made sure as much exposure made its way onto the brand as possible. Nowadays, McGalla divides her time between her role with the Steelers and her own P3 Consultancy company has been creating brand marketing options for companies around the world. These roles have taken Susan McGalla to many different positions in various companies and have seen her own status grow as one of the most successful businesspeople of recent years. Not making any apologies or concessions for her gender has led Susan McGalla to a successful career with some of the best known brands in the US in a variety of different industries.

Houston Residential Sales Hit Peak One-month Total Ever

In spite of a number of dips formerly this year, Houston’s residential market was as high as ever before in June.

Last month, Houston single-family residential sales reached the highest point one-month capacity ever, with 7,935 houses sold, an upsurge of 4.1% from 7,621 in June 2014. Total real estate sales escalated 3.3% one year after another to 9,480, moreover a record, as per the Houston Association of Realtors.

Homes valued below $150,000 experienced a reduction in sales, whilst every other value segment escalated.

Plus residential prices once more broke all-time records. The ordinary single-family housing value leaped 6.6% year after another to $302,942, the initial time it hit the $300,000 threshold. The average price similarly increased 4.9% to $225,000. Over-all dollar volume from every sale hit $2.7 billion, up 9.5%.

Residential are selling quicker than ever, whilst additional homes are striking the market. The normal time to make housing sales was only 43 days the past month.

In the meantime, single-family home records was at 3.2-months’ supply, up marginally from May although up 10% from June 2014. Months of record is an approximate of the period it would be needed to diminish the present active residential record founded on the former 12 months of transactions. Furthermore, active entries were up 8.3% year after year, and single-family unresolved sales increased by 10%.

“I think it speaks very well for the health of our real estate market when you have a month in which sales are up, rentals are up, inventory is growing, and you’re comparing it all to the record year of 2014,” HAR Chairperson Nancy Furst with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Anderson Properties announced in a report.

Houston’s real estate industry has several other stakeholders who have actively steered its development. Among them is Haidar Barbouti, owner of the Highland Village Shopping Center and head of other real property ventures in Houston, Texas.

Tips On Dating A Russian

Russians are a very interesting group of people. Finding men or women in Russia is sure to be quite exciting because of the wonderful people and the unique culture that they have. Dating in Russia is always tough because it’s hard to know where to look to find a date in this country. Online dating is always the best way to go when trying to date somebody in Russia. There are even online dating websites that focus primarily on connecting people to those who live in Russia.

Tips On Dating A Russian

– Learn About Their Culture

It is vital that you learn about their culture, what they eat, what they do daily, and the kinds of culture they have when it comes down to traditions and lifestyle. Culture is very tough to understand when you live in another country. Russia is very old fashioned in many different ways, and while this can be easy for some people to adapt to, not all people can deal with how they live. Whether it’s their current equality struggles or their way of living, Russia is a complex country that is beautiful in manny ways. You just need to educate yourself before you start dating somebody from the country.

– Speak The Language

Learning the basics of the language will help you to understand the, in a better way. When you’re dating somebody from Russia, it also shows them that you have seriously deep interest in who they are as people. It’s a beautiful thing to witness all of it happen and do seeing how in love the other person to you when they see you took the time to learn their language. Speaking in their native language can take a lot longer than most languages, but it is worth it in the long run.

– They Want Something Different

You’ll notice in their form of culture that the people in Russia are very old fashioned. Oftentimes, women want to be treated like women and have flowers given to them, doors opened for them, and they just simply want to be treated like real ladies. For the men, they want to be allowed to give their women the respect they deserve. There is a lot that goes on in the lives of these people from Russia, and there is a way to properly dating them and following their tradition.

Anastasia Date

This online dating site connects you to the right people in Russia. Women, men, and all kinds of people around Russia use this site to find the love of their life, and this is an easy way to get in connection with all the beautiful people from this country. The site has all the updated features that can connect you I with chatting and video messaging to have real online dates. This is the place to date online.

Anastasia Date is a great place on the web to get in connection with all the right people and meet women from across the world in Russia.

Sugary Drinks Are Lethal Weapons New Study Claims

Oh, for goodness sake. Can’t people just leave our sugary drinks alone?! Do we really need to hear about another study that finds a connection between sugar and eventual death?

Here we go again. If we are to believe the latest in-depth research, “sugary drinks are killing up to 184,000 people around the world each year.”


According to, the study has been published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation journal and ivy-league Harvard was involved along with Tufts University and Washington University in St. Louis and England’s Imperial College in London.

Believe it or not, this research has been going on since 1980 reports Lime Crime. The study talks about sugary beverages like these- sodas, sports/energy drinks, sweetened ice teas, fruit drinks and the like.

This is serious stuff says Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, senior author of the study and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy at Boston’s Tufts University. He stated that many countries globally have watched a significant number of deaths happen from sugar-sweetened beverages alone. Mozaffarian suggested a global priority should be undertaken to “substantially reduce or eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from the diet.”

Drinking lots of sugary drinks leads to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer, say the experts. The study really is a killjoy with this stat:

The United States has the highest number of deaths attributed to the drinks at 25,347 per year.