Adam Milsteins Mission To Help His People

As a Jewish immigrant to the United States, Adam Milstein has first-hand experience of what it is like to be Jewish in the United States. In order to help make things better for Jewish people in the United States, Adam Milstein has created multiple foundations and organizations that were created to do just that.


With the help of his wife, Adam Milstein created the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. It is the purpose of this foundation to create opportunities for Jewish students to learn more about the Jewish people as a whole as well as Israel. Adam Milstein and his wife have helped hundreds of Jewish students all over the world learn more about their heritage and culture. His work with the Jewish youth is something that Adam Milstein is widely known for.


Beyond his help with Jewish students, he is also helping Jewish people as a whole and the relationship with the United States and Israel. To do this he created the Israeli-American Council, which was established to improve the relationship with the two countries. On a larger scale, he hope to one day be able to have the council influence foreign policies that involve the Israeli people. Through his efforts, Adam Milstein has been able to make a real contribution to the Jewish people on individual and large levels.


Born in Israel, Adam Milstein spent his youth working hard and attaining a good education. After serving for his country, he went on to marry his wife, and they together moved to the United States in 1981. He went to the University of Southern California and earned his Masters in Business Administration. From there he went on to start his career in real estate, using the knowledge he gained from his father who also worked in real estate. After his career become a success he started contributing to the causes that he was passionate about and creating his own organization to help people around the world.



Adam Milstein is a motivating and inspirational force in the Jewish community. His dedication to help people is something that is moving and touching. Adam Milstein has helped so much and is nowhere near done yet.


Patty Rocklage is Passionate about Helping Others and Giving Back to Her Community

Patty Rocklage is an experienced marriage and family therapist located in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and services the greater Boston metropolitan area. Patty Rocklage views being able to help couples and families as a privilege. Patty describes her communication style as warm and inviting. She strives to create an environment where it is easy for people to focus on the changes they need to make. And her Twitter, Over the years, she has obtained various skill sets including public speaking, coaching, team building, and striving to reach her community. She also believes in the importance of giving back to her community so she frequently participates in community outreach programs. She and her husband recently donated to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology so they could do renovations in their nanochemistry and nanotechnology labs.

In addition to all of this, Patty also volunteers at the Sudanese Education fund which is an organization that assists individuals who have moved from Sudan to Massachusetts to obtain employment and educational opportunities. She obtained her degree in psychology from the University of Southern California in 1981 and has been a practicing therapist for over 20 years. Overall, Patty Rocklage is very dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and overcome their obstacles. Her therapy style is very unique and her core mission is to see others succeed to their full abilities. In addition, her dedicated to her community is also very inspiring. The fact that she wants to give back to others and help anyone in need is a very admirable quality and learn more about Patty.

The art of falling sleep: Wengie “Hacks”

Adequate Sleep is a very essential part of human health. Sleep has many regulatory benefits such as mental wellness, healthy metabolism, psychological wellness, and helps our quality of life. In her informative YouTube video, Vlogger “Wengie” offers useful tips for proper sleep().

Without further ado, we summarize Wengie’s tips for proper rest.


When it comes to sleep, we often find ourselves immersed in high levels of distracting sounds such as cars honking, loud sounds from neighbors, and sounds of loud pet animals. Wengie points out that small levels of soft ambient noise like listening to soothing music via headphones, help block out unwanted sounds so we can rest. One can also listen to some low soft TV background sounds, to filter out unwanted sounds. She also suggests using earplugs (and headphones) to minimize distracting sounds. For example, Wengie sometimes enjoys using her headphones for listening to the sound of rain-drops being played through her smartphone App.


Wengie provides many great concluding resting tips. For example, by applying soft pressure to an area in the middle of our forehead in between our eyebrows — an area referred to as “the thid eye” — one can relieve anxieties, fears, and depression. This technique helps ease the mind and aids in resting more quickly and deeply. Wengie also points out that she sometimes likes to massage a tiny amount of Jasmine oil into the same area on her forehead. She says this trick can help her fall sleep faster. Even simple physical exercises such as increased blinking of our eyes, meditation through Yoga, can help induce sleep. Additionally, if one tends to sleep one’s side, she suggests its best to sleep on the left side to avoid acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems. All in all, these tips serve us very well.

OSI Group Delivers Food Solutions to a Global Market

OSI Group, LLC is a food processing company based in Aurora, Illinois, and they show no signs of slowing their growth. Recent acquisitions have only strengthened their presence in the global marketplace, solidifying their position among the world’s leading food suppliers.

In June of 2016, the OSI Group acquired the 200,000 square foot facility formerly owned by Tyson Foods, bolstering their infrastructure on the home front and improving their capabilities for continuing growth. Two months later they announced their acquisition of controlling interest in Baho Food, a private Dutch company with meat product manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. With this company, OSI Group gained market share across 18 European countries.

However, this ever expanding company did not stop there. In December of 2016, they closed out the year by acquiring Flagship Europe, a food supplier in the UK. This continued to strengthen their presence in the European market, and solidified their claim as a global food provider. To meet the new demands on their resources, OSI Europe Foodworks reached out to beef provider Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. In late May of 2017, OSI acquired the Germany based slaughterhouse, retaining Mr. Michael Hynek as Managing Director. Click here to know more.

These consistent expansions of their global operations serve as examples of OSI Group’s dedication to meeting today’s food supply demands while being careful to preserve the ability of future generations to satisfy the needs of tomorrow. This attitude, which permeates the fundamental philosophy of the company, is evident in their day-to-day operation. This philosophy of sustainability was celebrated by the British Safety Council when they awarded OSI Food Solutions UK with a Globe of Honour Award for 2016, the third such award earned in the last four years.

Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the leading financial services and investment firms in the world. It is based in Dallas, Texas but has a number of office locations in Seoul South Korea, Sao Paulo Brazil, Singapore and New York City. With its geographic mobility, Highland Capital is able to provide vital financial services to a number of companies and investors throughout the world. The firm offers a wide range of financial services that help numerous clients efficiently manage their financial assets. Over the course of the firm’s history, it has provided one of the more innovative financial products on the market. It is known for offering collateralized loan obligations which provide investors with credit backed securities. This offering has helped Highland Capital Management establish itself as one of the most reputable investment firms around.


When Highland Capital Management first began it was a life insurance company founded by longtime finance professionals James Dondero and Mark Okada. The two individuals built a firm that would become among the most reputable when it came to providing life insurance policies to consumers. Despite the firm’s success, Dondero and Okada wanted to grow the firm and make it a more comprehensive one when it came to providing financial services. As a result, they began to introduce more products and services that would benefit its many clients. Highland Capital would begin providing things such as hedge funds, private equity securities and asset management. It would also provide services such as financial advising and wealth management.


The firm Highland Capital Management provides financial services to a number of different types of clients. First it helps institutional investors such as corporations, financial institutions and government entities. When providing assistance to these entities, Highland Capital Management uses collateralized loan obligations to help manage funds through credit backed securities. It also helps individuals as well with its wide range of financial services. Highland Capital provides financial advisement and wealth management to help its individual investors and pension fund investors. Along with being one of the top investment firms at providing financial services, Highland Capital also participates in philanthropic activities in an effort to give back to the local community.

Eric Pulier: A Man Defining The Future

Eric Pulier is truly a jack of all trades. Being a well Learned entrepreneur, Eric has experience with public speaking, a vast knowledge of various technologies, and he is also a very active philanthropist. In an age where entrepreneurs are truly thriving more than ever, Eric has separated himself from everyone else with an outstanding track record in business.


Eric has founded over 15 different companies, all of which Eric has helped raise multi million dollar profits. He has also made large investments into major growing companies such as Trident Capital and Monitor Venture. Most of Eric’s investments have been with companies that specialize in technology. Having a special interest in our advancement in ground breaking technology, Eric has risen in the corporate world and is now a highly recognized business man in the year 2017.


Aside from Eric’s business life, he is also the proud father of four beautiful children. Eric’s passions extend further beyond technology. Having a genuine love for children, he decided to serve as a board member with The Painted Turtle, a summer camp that caters to children with chronic illnesses. He hopes to see many more young lives be enriched by these growing opportunities for children.


Having a strong educational background has greatly aided Eric in his ascent to the top of the corporate ladder. Eric graduated from Teaneck high school, in Bergen County New Jersey. He then went on to become a very academically dedicated individual at Harvard Law School, one of the most recognized educational institutions in

the country. It was from there that he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and earned his Bachelors Degree. He even wrote for a popular column in the schools weekly newspaper, the Harvard Crimson Articles.


Eric was such a success that he was even specially selected to run an event to commemorate the 2nd inauguration of then president Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Eric has also been recognized in multiple publications, including the Bloomberg Executive Profile. French Tribune and Engadgemnt.


It is great men like Eric Pulier that have set the ground work for the future and continue to find innovative ways to open new doors for the next generation to change the world. So be sure to remember his name, because he looks to achieve so much more for this country and so much more for the world.

Fabletics Bring Together Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson in an Activewear Fahion

If you haven’t heard of Kate Hudson or Demi Lovato, then you are missing big-time on their all-inclusive and fashionable activewear known as Fabletics. The two upstart retail sellers of top-of-the-class sportswear that combine convenience, leisure, and membership subscriptions to reach their customers recently joined forces to launch a sales assault on the market that has largely been dominated by retail giants like Amazon. The pair first met in a hotel gym while they were traveling, and immediately hit it off in a friendship that soon blossomed into honesty, sincerity, and a possibility for a future joint venture in business. If all arrangements go as planned, the Lovato/Fabletics collaboration will hit the market sometimes next week. The most important aspect of the partnership is that both of them will increase their support of the Girl Up Movement by the United Nations Foundation which Lovato, as a role model for young women, is passionately committed to helping.



The collaboration is attracting maximum attention because it is a teaming up of celebrities and by the look of things on the horizon, the sales of the activewear will skyrocket in the not so distant future. Many loyal followers of the brand are already marshaling their forces to go on a shopping spree for their favorite wear. Lovato admits that when Kate approached her to enter into a partnership, she was more than delighted because it would give her the opportunity to add her voice to such a powerful, and forward-driven organization and brand. She is excited at the possibility of living her dream of positively influencing the lives of young girls on a daily basis by being involved in the process of creatively designing the outfits.



Kate’s Fabletics rapidly built a $ 250 million in less than three years by targeting fashion-conscious Generation X, and adults who like to purchase brands that sell inspirational and convenient activewear. Kate Hudson’s line of clothes appeals to a large segment of the population who love athleisure which provides a combination of irresistible convenience and membership to the brand. She uses customer experience and brand recognition, last minute service and gamification to compete efficiently with high-value brands that depend on price and quality to sell their products to particular clients.



Through subscriptions, Fabletics has managed to open retail outlets across the entire U.S, and abroad. The membership model of selling offers customers individualized service and care to make them buy trendy clothes at discount prices. Demi Lovato will bring in a baggage of additional appeal and attraction to the brand because of her good personal attributes which include her strong advocacy for body positivity, and fitness awareness. She is also actively involved in the “by girls for girls” initiative to empower young females internationally. Now, all the activewear collections will form part of the new line of your favorite leggings, bras, kinky tops, panties, jackets, and what else? The line influenced by Lovato will be an inspiring plethora of empowering mantras and neon hues!

Alexandre Gama: Benefits Of Professional Advertising Service

As an experienced and reliable advertising professional, Alexandre Gama provides a wide variety of marketing and advertising services to businesses. Based in Brazil, Alexandre Gama develops and administers promotional and advertising campaigns for companies, institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs. Businesses and organizations of all sizes and types rely on his expertise to reach their prospects and achieve their objectives. Alexandre Gama is highly knowledgeable in creating compelling advertising materials and managing campaigns. He is skilled in online advertising as well as offline advertising methods. Alexandre Gama can handle your campaign from beginning to completion.

Want to learn more about Alexandre Gama? Click here.

The Evolution of OSI Group

A private holding company, OSI Group is involved with meat processing and services both the retail and also food service industries. The American company has its headquarters locates in Aurora, Illinois. The company started in 1909 after Otto Kolschowsky, a German Immigrant, started a family meat market at the Oak Park, Illinois. He expanded the business into a wholesale meat trade in 1917 and moved it to nearby Maywood. In 1928, the company was named Otto & Sons and it committed itself to providing the local area with quality meats. This made the company to become a household name and it began growing and expanding hugely.

After McDonald’s opened its first store in 1955, Otto & Sons became their suppliers of ground beef patties. Over the years, the two businesses formed a strong relationship with Otto & Sons become the sole suppliers of all meat products to McDonalds. Otto & sons started its first meat plant of high volume in 1973 in West Chicago. It also started a separate unit that was known as GlenMark. It was in 1975 that Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group. OSI made a licensing agreement in 1999 with Best Chicago Meat Co, LLC for the use of GlenMark. Best Chicago Meat wholly acquired GlenMark Brand in 2011. Click here to know more OSI Group.

OSI Group has been listed by Forbes as the 136th biggest private company in America. This is according t the company’s annual revenues which are approximately $3 billion. OSI Group now operates more than 65 facilities across 17 states. The products offered by OSI Group include:

  • Meat patties
  • Hot dogs
  • Pizza
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Dough based products
  • Bacons
  • Breakfast sausages
  • Desserts
  • Side dishes
  • Lunches
  • Breakfast
  • Cooked beef patties
  • Pork products
  • Specialty sausages


Honey Birdette Leading the Way in Selling Bespoke Lingerie in the UK

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand founded by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006. Eloise famously claims to have gotten the idea from a conversation she had with a friend over a glass of champagne. Exasperated by not being able to find the right provocative lingerie the two established the brand in a quest to inject a sense of sensuality into the bedroom.

Led by Eloise Monaghan as Creative Director, HB creates a wide range of lingerie and high-end toys. Notably, such products observe great details for a premium feel. Amidst the rows of pretty, naughty things lies a success story. Honey Birdette saw phenomenal growth in sales just a few years after opening. After experiencing a 374% increase in US online sales over a period of 12 months, the brand had to launch a dedicated US e-commerce site. This new platform aims to enhance the consumer’s experience with faster delivery, easier returns, and an extended product range.

Honey Birdette opened its first retail store outside of Australia last year in London, followed by two more in Leeds and Westfield. The company’s footprint in the United Kingdom is ever expanding and ensure it has 40 stores in that region by the end of 2018. The brand has revealed plans to start its first retail store in the US soon.

Back in Australia, the number of stores that Honey Birdette has stands at 55. The boutiques are sensual, and flirty with the lush decor. Once you step in the store a treasury of amusements, including champagne, create the ultimate boudoir experience. With a range of bespoke accessories, Honey Birdette takes delight in bringing sensuality into the Australian bedroom.

As Australia’s first sensuality boutique, HB has come a long way from its humble beginnings. With hard work and dedication, Eloise and her team were able to build a thriving business from a simple idea. Years of ambitious and creative work haven’t gone unnoticed as the company has recently received financial backing by BBRC a private investment company.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.