The art of falling sleep: Wengie “Hacks”

Adequate Sleep is a very essential part of human health. Sleep has many regulatory benefits such as mental wellness, healthy metabolism, psychological wellness, and helps our quality of life. In her informative YouTube video, Vlogger “Wengie” offers useful tips for proper sleep().

Without further ado, we summarize Wengie’s tips for proper rest.


When it comes to sleep, we often find ourselves immersed in high levels of distracting sounds such as cars honking, loud sounds from neighbors, and sounds of loud pet animals. Wengie points out that small levels of soft ambient noise like listening to soothing music via headphones, help block out unwanted sounds so we can rest. One can also listen to some low soft TV background sounds, to filter out unwanted sounds. She also suggests using earplugs (and headphones) to minimize distracting sounds. For example, Wengie sometimes enjoys using her headphones for listening to the sound of rain-drops being played through her smartphone App.


Wengie provides many great concluding resting tips. For example, by applying soft pressure to an area in the middle of our forehead in between our eyebrows — an area referred to as “the thid eye” — one can relieve anxieties, fears, and depression. This technique helps ease the mind and aids in resting more quickly and deeply. Wengie also points out that she sometimes likes to massage a tiny amount of Jasmine oil into the same area on her forehead. She says this trick can help her fall sleep faster. Even simple physical exercises such as increased blinking of our eyes, meditation through Yoga, can help induce sleep. Additionally, if one tends to sleep one’s side, she suggests its best to sleep on the left side to avoid acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems. All in all, these tips serve us very well.

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