Adam Milsteins Mission To Help His People

As a Jewish immigrant to the United States, Adam Milstein has first-hand experience of what it is like to be Jewish in the United States. In order to help make things better for Jewish people in the United States, Adam Milstein has created multiple foundations and organizations that were created to do just that.


With the help of his wife, Adam Milstein created the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. It is the purpose of this foundation to create opportunities for Jewish students to learn more about the Jewish people as a whole as well as Israel. Adam Milstein and his wife have helped hundreds of Jewish students all over the world learn more about their heritage and culture. His work with the Jewish youth is something that Adam Milstein is widely known for.


Beyond his help with Jewish students, he is also helping Jewish people as a whole and the relationship with the United States and Israel. To do this he created the Israeli-American Council, which was established to improve the relationship with the two countries. On a larger scale, he hope to one day be able to have the council influence foreign policies that involve the Israeli people. Through his efforts, Adam Milstein has been able to make a real contribution to the Jewish people on individual and large levels.


Born in Israel, Adam Milstein spent his youth working hard and attaining a good education. After serving for his country, he went on to marry his wife, and they together moved to the United States in 1981. He went to the University of Southern California and earned his Masters in Business Administration. From there he went on to start his career in real estate, using the knowledge he gained from his father who also worked in real estate. After his career become a success he started contributing to the causes that he was passionate about and creating his own organization to help people around the world.



Adam Milstein is a motivating and inspirational force in the Jewish community. His dedication to help people is something that is moving and touching. Adam Milstein has helped so much and is nowhere near done yet.


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