Why You Need To Know Goettl To Know Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioning unit installed at your home isn’t just a one-and-done process, it’s a significant part of your home’s utilities and keeping the heating and cooling systems running in your home continues with you once the unit has been installed. Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that frequently puts out articles explaining how to keep up your air conditioning, and they are a company you should get to know no matter where you’re located. You can go to their website at GoettlSHDM.com to see more of their tips to good air conditioning maintenance.

Goettl talks about keeping your air conditioning units running at top level while also saving money from exorbitant power costs in the summer. First, they recommend that everyone have the right size AC unit because having the biggest unit does not mean having the most efficient one. Second, they recommend that your home is thoroughly insulated and protected from the elements. They also recommend homeowners have their outdoor condensers installed away from direct sunlight and hotter areas of the yard. But most importantly, Goettl recommends a regular maintenance plan, and if your unit is very old replacing it with a newer more efficient one.

Goettl is based in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas of Arizona, though in recent years they’ve become more based in Las Vegas. They were founded by Adam and Gust Goettl and have gone through many different acquisitions over the years. It was Ken Goodrich who made Goettl Air Conditioning profitable when he purchased them back from an out-of-state company. Goodrich understands the locals of Los Vegas and the Arizona cities areas and has been able to change Goettl to a company that meets their needs better. They primarily service residential customers, but with mergers with Las Vegas Air, Paradise Air and The Sunny Plumber Goettl has been able to reach several commercial customers as well.