All You Need To Know

NexBank SSB deals in financial and banking products and services. It provides savings accounts, mobile banking, personal checking services, and mortgages. The organization also offers commercial checking accounts, treasury management, and internet banking. It also ventures in the commercial lending services and gives out real estate loans. Institutional services such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate banking and lending, syndicated loan servicing, corporate finance and advisory, investment banking, land advisory services and agency services are also availed by NexBank.

The client clients of NexBank are companies, institutions as well as individuals based in Texas. Formerly referred to as Heritage Bank, SSB, this company changed its name in August 2005 to NexBank SSB. This company came into existence in 1922 and had its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is run as a subsidiary of NexBank Capital, Inc.

Nexbank SSB is committed to serving the financial and banking needs of middle-market companies, real estate investors, as well as large corporations. Its executive management team brings together industry expertise and provision of exceptional services to the clients. NexBank has in this way been in the forefront in providing leading financial services to institutions, individual customers, and corporates.

On September 21, 2015, NexBank Capital, Inc. made an announcement Dierk Hohman had been appointed the General Counsel of NexBank Capital, Inc. and NexBank SSB and the Executive Vice President of this company. His qualification for these positions was warranted by his wide experience in the financial, banking and capital market. He has played advisory roles in various financial institutions and corporations in various areas including compliance and risk management and corporate and finance transactions among others.

Mr. Hohman had previously served as an Associate General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Nationstar Mortgage LLC. He has held various positions at some reputable companies. Some of them include GE Capital and Bank of America.


Community Banking & It’s The Future of Professional Banking

When you think of banks, what are the first names that come to mind? Is it Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Capital One, or American Express? More than likely you probably guessed one of these names, but there is one thing these banks have in common and that they’re national chain banks. Did you know that community banking is one of the most popular ways of doing banking in-general? That’s right! This style of banking has become the service of choice for millions of people thanks to their size, great customer services, and products. These financial institutions serve more on a regional plane than a national plan, but they offer top of the line serves with better rates.

One of the leading community banking centers in the nation is NexBank Capital and it is redefining the industry thanks to it’s wide array of services. Last year, John Holt whom is President and CEO of NexBank Capital, attended the prestigious Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans. This conference is about any and everything community banking. Serving as a panelist, Mr. Holt was able to discuss the success of NexBank, provide engaging industry information, as well as discuss any challenges within this exclusive community. Of course the event was a hit as consultants, advisers, and bank leaders shared their personal perspectives with one another.

NexBank Capital is an affluent Dallas, Texas banking center and it specializes in commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. As of 2016, this bank had a reported estimate of over $4.0 Billion in assets. NexBank also offer services to other financial institutions, middle market companies, large corporations, and real estate investors. The future of banking is actually here in the present and NexBank is leading the charge.