The art of falling sleep: Wengie “Hacks”

Adequate Sleep is a very essential part of human health. Sleep has many regulatory benefits such as mental wellness, healthy metabolism, psychological wellness, and helps our quality of life. In her informative YouTube video, Vlogger “Wengie” offers useful tips for proper sleep().

Without further ado, we summarize Wengie’s tips for proper rest.


When it comes to sleep, we often find ourselves immersed in high levels of distracting sounds such as cars honking, loud sounds from neighbors, and sounds of loud pet animals. Wengie points out that small levels of soft ambient noise like listening to soothing music via headphones, help block out unwanted sounds so we can rest. One can also listen to some low soft TV background sounds, to filter out unwanted sounds. She also suggests using earplugs (and headphones) to minimize distracting sounds. For example, Wengie sometimes enjoys using her headphones for listening to the sound of rain-drops being played through her smartphone App.


Wengie provides many great concluding resting tips. For example, by applying soft pressure to an area in the middle of our forehead in between our eyebrows — an area referred to as “the thid eye” — one can relieve anxieties, fears, and depression. This technique helps ease the mind and aids in resting more quickly and deeply. Wengie also points out that she sometimes likes to massage a tiny amount of Jasmine oil into the same area on her forehead. She says this trick can help her fall sleep faster. Even simple physical exercises such as increased blinking of our eyes, meditation through Yoga, can help induce sleep. Additionally, if one tends to sleep one’s side, she suggests its best to sleep on the left side to avoid acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems. All in all, these tips serve us very well.

Fabletics Bring Together Demi Lovato and Kate Hudson in an Activewear Fahion

If you haven’t heard of Kate Hudson or Demi Lovato, then you are missing big-time on their all-inclusive and fashionable activewear known as Fabletics. The two upstart retail sellers of top-of-the-class sportswear that combine convenience, leisure, and membership subscriptions to reach their customers recently joined forces to launch a sales assault on the market that has largely been dominated by retail giants like Amazon. The pair first met in a hotel gym while they were traveling, and immediately hit it off in a friendship that soon blossomed into honesty, sincerity, and a possibility for a future joint venture in business. If all arrangements go as planned, the Lovato/Fabletics collaboration will hit the market sometimes next week. The most important aspect of the partnership is that both of them will increase their support of the Girl Up Movement by the United Nations Foundation which Lovato, as a role model for young women, is passionately committed to helping.



The collaboration is attracting maximum attention because it is a teaming up of celebrities and by the look of things on the horizon, the sales of the activewear will skyrocket in the not so distant future. Many loyal followers of the brand are already marshaling their forces to go on a shopping spree for their favorite wear. Lovato admits that when Kate approached her to enter into a partnership, she was more than delighted because it would give her the opportunity to add her voice to such a powerful, and forward-driven organization and brand. She is excited at the possibility of living her dream of positively influencing the lives of young girls on a daily basis by being involved in the process of creatively designing the outfits.



Kate’s Fabletics rapidly built a $ 250 million in less than three years by targeting fashion-conscious Generation X, and adults who like to purchase brands that sell inspirational and convenient activewear. Kate Hudson’s line of clothes appeals to a large segment of the population who love athleisure which provides a combination of irresistible convenience and membership to the brand. She uses customer experience and brand recognition, last minute service and gamification to compete efficiently with high-value brands that depend on price and quality to sell their products to particular clients.



Through subscriptions, Fabletics has managed to open retail outlets across the entire U.S, and abroad. The membership model of selling offers customers individualized service and care to make them buy trendy clothes at discount prices. Demi Lovato will bring in a baggage of additional appeal and attraction to the brand because of her good personal attributes which include her strong advocacy for body positivity, and fitness awareness. She is also actively involved in the “by girls for girls” initiative to empower young females internationally. Now, all the activewear collections will form part of the new line of your favorite leggings, bras, kinky tops, panties, jackets, and what else? The line influenced by Lovato will be an inspiring plethora of empowering mantras and neon hues!

Fighting Fire with Fire: Fabletics takes on Amazon

Fabletics is a small, new, niche apparel company. Amazon is a gigantic, megalith selling everything from socks to HVAC equipment. What fire are we talking about here?


Both Fabletics and Amazon are eCommerce companies. Both offer apparel at discount prices and both want to lead the pack in apparel sales, so, though of very different sizes, they do have a great deal in common.


To do battle with Amazon, Fabletics has armed itself with tools that this giant cannot or has not mastered and Fabletics is doing very well at this point, thank you very much.


Fabletics offers Membership

To build a strong base of customers, rather than going the well-trodden route of opening a few pilot mall stores and hoping for the best, Fabletics chose the eCommerce route and sought customers through subscriptions.


Fabletics recognized that many people have a less than positive perception of subscriptions. To remove any unpleasantness associated with the arrangement, Fabletics restructured subscriptions to conform to the needs of the modern shopper.


Almost everyone who places an order with Fabletics becomes a subscriber. This is because of the remarkable benefits of membership combined with the ease of managing the subscription.


Fabletics Turns Subscriptions Inside Out

Fabletics discovered that what many people dislike about subscriptions is its limitations and the member’s inability to control shipments. Fabletics has turned subscriptions inside out by transferring control from the supplier to the member.


With a Fabletics subscription, members have benefits and choices. If you don’t want a shipment for a given month or series of months, you can inhibit them by registering your preference through your online account. If you don’t love the current shipment, send it back for refund or store credit. End your subscription at any time, by notifying the customer service department. These changes enable customers to feel as in control as they do in brick and mortar shops, freeing them from the feeling of restriction traditionally associated with subscriptions.


Fabletics offers Customized Fashion

Beyond subscription control, Fabletics offers customers an unusual service in the eCommerce environment: customization.


When you place your first order, you complete a short quiz on your fitness practices and style preferences. This becomes the foundation of your curated fashion collection. Each shipment from Fabletics builds on your preferences. When you return or exchange an item, Fabletics uses that data to add to your profile and make selections for the next shipment. Over time, Fabletics understands what you have, what you need and what styles you prefer, taking the guesswork out of each month’s shipment.


Customization also enables Fabletics to make sure that you do not receive the exact outfit as your next-door-neighbor, so your look is unique.


Where There’s Smoke…

So, Fabletics is fighting Amazon on their own eCommerce turf and managing to do very well. Listening to the needs of the customer is the basis of their service and they are making headway against even the largest retailer in the world, by doing so.

Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Fabletics is an online subscription retailer that sells athleisure clothing to both men and women. The up-and-coming clothing brand is known for selling colorful leggings and sporty tops with activewear that is considered to be more affordable than its competitors’ products. The clothing can be purchased online or in stores across the U.S. with discounts that are available for those who sign up for a monthly membership. The membership provides users with a complete outfit each month for $50 and a 50 percent discount on their first purchase.


Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics and promotes the brand’s latest products with quality materials that are durable. The brand also sells clothing in sizes xx-small to xx-large, which appeals to a larger demographic. In just three years, the company has grown into a $250 million business after opening physical stores in the last year.


The company has worked hard to build a high-value brand from the beginning with a membership model that allows customers to receive personalized service. The on-trend fashion that is sold at half the price of competitors’ clothing items has also allowed it to attract more customers who want to avoid paying full-price.


One of the main ways that Fabletics has found success and continues to grow is due to their reverse showrooming technique that is practiced. By selling their clothing online, they’ve allowed themselves to gain trust with their customers and build relationships. They’ve also allowed themselves to an increasing number of customers who solely rely on shopping online for their clothing. Through events and activities, they’ve also allowed themselves to get to know the local markets and establish trust. After developing this foundation as a brand, they’ve begun to build brick and mortar stores, which has increased their revenue. Approximately 30 to 50 percent of the customers who shop at the stores are already members and 25 percent of the customers become members after visiting the stores. Items that are tried on in the store can also be immediately added to their online shopping cart for added convenience. The customer is free to choose if they want to make the purchase online or in person while visiting the store.


Online data is one of the main focuses of the company and has contributed to its success in recent years. The clothing that is stocked in the stores is tweaked each season to keep up with the latest trends and depending on what is currently appealing to their online customers.


In the last year, their growth rate has hit 35 percent by moving into new territories. Fabletics is now taking on Amazon as they attempt to expand their business and reach more customers. Although it may be challenging to compete with Amazon, they’re attempting to attract more customers with products that are unique and are exclusive. They are also defining their brand with enterprise technology, data science, and with the use of ROI based media. They’re ability to have a specific strategy that works around buying trends and offer fashionable items has already contributed to their success.