Trust in George Street Photo and Video in NYC for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is too precious to hire “just anybody” to take your photos and videos. No, ma’am. You’ll need a company like George Street Photo and Video NYC that has a strong reputation for high-quality services, friendly demeanors and fair pricing.

The experts at George Street can take you to one of the best spots in New York for your wedding photos and videos. You set the mood, and then they’ll set the stage. You can take your photos in front of the Statue of Liberty or the Rockafeller Center. You can visit the botanical gardens if you have a love for plants and flowers.

The best part about allowing George Street Photo and Video Address to help you with your wedding shots is that you will know what you are getting long before you start. You’ll have the opportunity to view the portfolio and then decide what is best for you. Call today for immediate assistance.