Securus: Fighting Back

Oftentimes, I feel like we live in a passive world where people just turn a blind eye when something is going wrong and something isn’t right. They don’t want to get their hands dirty and they don’t want to get involved in certain aspects of business. They look the other way and because of this, injustice keeps occurring in the world. That is not the case, however, when it comes to Securus. They do not sit idly by while bad things are going on, especially when it comes to GTL, Global Tel Link. They are an inmate communications provider that is doing some shady and underhanded methods when it comes to the way they conduct business.

These have mostly gone ignored but not anymore as Securus plans to release a series of press releases that are going to bring the truth to life in a way that will shock GTL to its core. No longer will they be able to get away with charging customers $12.95 for a fifteen minute phone call. No longer will people have to pay up to three-thousand dollars or 60 dollars a week to speak to an inmate. Yes, they might be an inmate and might have committed a crime, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same rights as anyone else. They shouldn’t be taken advantage of, that is for sure.

It is good thing companies like Securus are out there, as they are able to make a real difference in the world and make sure that everything is on the up and up. They don’t like to see people getting take advantage of while companies like GTL keep getting richer and richer. There is something very wrong with that picture. With these releases, GTL can no longer hide and they can no longer come up with excuses.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.