Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC Sues Reluctant Insurance Company

A huge lawsuit occurred between the former NBA team franchise and the AIG insurance company. The problem occurred when the insurance company failed to do something that it specifically swore that it would do for its policyholder. What the company did was it allegedly bailed when the time came to cover and protect the policy holder against claims of wrongful termination and such. The fine print of the insurance policy stated that the poly-holder would be reimbursed for certain losses that occurred during employee and employer issues. The covered party filed its claim, but the insurance company decided that it would deny the company of its rights. The Superior Court of Fulton County received the complaint in th early part of September. The plaintiff made a clear accusation of bad business practices and poor insurance coverage.

The plaintiff mostly wants the funds that it should have received if the insurance company had handled itself with integrity. As of this Time, the lawsuit stands on the basis of not making good on one’s obligations. The argument is that there was no legitimate reason for the insurance company not to pay out the money for the client’s coverage. The decision for the insurance company not to pay was strictly an act of selfishness, or at least that’s what the plaintiff believes. Since everyone had to go through a lawsuit ,the plaintiff also would like to receive the attorneys fees and other miscellaneous court-related feeds. The insurance company did not have much to say when various parties asked for comments about the lawsuit.

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