The Lung Institute s Breaking Medical Barriers

Despite the controversy over this field of science, desperate patients are now accepting the help of the stem cell research from the Lung Institute. They help patients with a wide variety of lung disorders to improve their quality of life. Patients unable to walk drive a car or do to work in desperate need of improvement.

A pulmonary fibrosis patient was doomed to die within a year, but the Lung Institute had completely changed that verdict. His situation was deteriorating and he was left unable to talk or walk. He had to depend on oxygen at all hours of the day.

Since this Florida resident had started a treatment plan from the Lung Institute, his oxygen level is at a stable 99. CT scans have revealed that all of the inflammation in his lungs has completely disappeared. His doctors have been completely left astonished.

Pulmonary fibrosis is no joke. According to, over 50,000 new cases of the disease are found every year and the majority of the patients do not survive. It is estimated that over 40,000 victims die every year.

The FDA is still determining if stem cell treatments like those from the Lung Institute should be permissible. There is a great moral debate about the usage of stem cells from multiple directions. The public opinion may be swinging into a positive direction since there are some many stories of success from this field of science. There is also legislation that aims to make stem cell therapy cheaper for the general public.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is another common disease that the institute specializes in. This disease restricts the airflow of the patient, leaving them short of breath doing the simplest of tasks. The disease has great variance in its severity, but it is always a life-threatening disease. Causes of COPD is typically by environmental factors like smoking or pollution. Destroyed tissues in the lungs and increase inflammation, eventually leading to the formation of this ailment. Thanks to the Lung Institute’s research, many sufferers can now breathe at an increased capacity. Other treatments have left patients with empty wallets and very minimal results. Visit the YouTube channel for more info.