Bruce Bent II; A Financial Leader and Entrepreneur

Bruce Bent II is an asset manager and entrepreneur. He has many years of experience as a business leader. He is the president of Double Rock Corporation and the vice chairman of the board. Double Rock is a technology company that develops products for the finance industry. Bent II has a degree in Philosophy from Northeastern University. He has more than fifty privately-held patents. He received them for his contributions to the development of financial vehicles and cash sweep insured programs. Bent II was a key figure in the development of the FDIC-insured program that has grown to be worth trillions.

Bruce served as the CEO of The Reserve for close to two decades. This is one of the first money market mutual funds. The Reserve was one of the largest in the world. Its fund was among the top ten. It employed hundreds of employees. The majority of them were sales professionals around the country. The assets of the fund grew from four billion dollars to $130 billion during his time. The annualized revenue reached a peak of $150 million. Bruce was responsible for the liquidation of the assets of the firm after the market meltdown in 2008. He was able to handle the situation very well. Investors in the Reserve Primary Fund received 99 cents on the dollar in the end.

Bent has been quoted in many news publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. His success as a young CEO led him to be featured in “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.” He is a member of the board of 99 Jane Street Condominium and served on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. The organization is committed to protecting the environment and restoring the Hudson River. Bent is a senior executive to each of the subsidiaries that are under Double Rock Corporation. There are six such companies. They include Island Intellectual Property and Access Control Advantage. Bent advises entrepreneurs to have faith in their visions and to be persistent even when things do not work out.

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Bruce Bent II: Accomplished Authority In Financial Industry Patents

Bearing more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and financial services specialist, Bruce Bent II has gathered a wealth of knowledge and connections relevant to the advancement of his businesses. He currently serves the Double Rock Corporation as the CEO, President, and Vice Chairman. In this role, Bruce Bent II is responsible for the operations of the company and its subsidiaries including Landing Rock Group, Intrasweep, LIDs Capital, Island Intellectual Property, and Access Control Advantage.

Over the years, Bruce Bent II has specialized in product innovation, strategic planning, business solutions, and retirement planning. To this end, he has transformed the Double Rock Corporation into one of the largest private institutions providing cash management with assets valued at over $130 billion under its control. Growing up, his father taught him that just because something has not been done before; it does not mean it cannot be done. This has been the basis of his innovative exploits, and currently, he is listed as an inventor on more than 60 private-held patents in the financial industry.

Bruce Bent II is widely recognized in his industry as an innovator of cash solutions and in the management of short-term assets. He is a pioneer of the money market fund, through the Reserve Fund, a financing option offered to investors interested in earning long-run small returns as a means of preserving their wealth. This is a continuation of his father, Bruce Bent’s work, in association with Harry Brown, the first proprietors of the Reserve Fund in the 1970s.

According to Bruce Bent II, the best strategy to ensure the growth of your business is to place heavy emphasis on creating value for your customer. They are the main reason you and your business exist. Therefore, by appreciating the feedback of your client, you can find more ways to improve your product and method of service delivery.

About Bruce Bent II

He is a leading American specialist in the financial services industry, with the ability to innovate and invest in products that set industry standards. Apart from working for the Double Rock Corporation, he also used to work for B2 Consulting, as well as Hallmark Investment Series Trust and its subsidiaries.

From the Northeastern University, Bruce Bent II holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He has served as an associate of the Young Presidents’ Organization, as well as receiving a feature in Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs, a best-selling book.

Honey Birdette Leading the Way in Selling Bespoke Lingerie in the UK

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand founded by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006. Eloise famously claims to have gotten the idea from a conversation she had with a friend over a glass of champagne. Exasperated by not being able to find the right provocative lingerie the two established the brand in a quest to inject a sense of sensuality into the bedroom.

Led by Eloise Monaghan as Creative Director, HB creates a wide range of lingerie and high-end toys. Notably, such products observe great details for a premium feel. Amidst the rows of pretty, naughty things lies a success story. Honey Birdette saw phenomenal growth in sales just a few years after opening. After experiencing a 374% increase in US online sales over a period of 12 months, the brand had to launch a dedicated US e-commerce site. This new platform aims to enhance the consumer’s experience with faster delivery, easier returns, and an extended product range.

Honey Birdette opened its first retail store outside of Australia last year in London, followed by two more in Leeds and Westfield. The company’s footprint in the United Kingdom is ever expanding and ensure it has 40 stores in that region by the end of 2018. The brand has revealed plans to start its first retail store in the US soon.

Back in Australia, the number of stores that Honey Birdette has stands at 55. The boutiques are sensual, and flirty with the lush decor. Once you step in the store a treasury of amusements, including champagne, create the ultimate boudoir experience. With a range of bespoke accessories, Honey Birdette takes delight in bringing sensuality into the Australian bedroom.

As Australia’s first sensuality boutique, HB has come a long way from its humble beginnings. With hard work and dedication, Eloise and her team were able to build a thriving business from a simple idea. Years of ambitious and creative work haven’t gone unnoticed as the company has recently received financial backing by BBRC a private investment company.

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An Overview Of Highland Capital

One of the most financially successful companies is focused primarily on money. This is fitting that finance would be the specialty of this financially successful company. For one thing, it has shown that it could handle financial decisions not just for itself, but for its clients. The name of this company is Highland Capital. Highland Capital is an investment firm that takes on many different markets and assets. People who are looking for a firm that could help them out should check out Highland Capital because it is success in many different markets. Therefore, it can be trusted with finances.


Among the many different financial situations it deals with are High Yield Credit, Long/Short Equity. Emerging Markets, Distressed and Special Situations, and plenty of other situations. It has a diversity of specialties that make it stand out from other companies. Highland Capital also has a diverse portfolio that makes it easier for it to bring in the profits. The owners of this company have made a lot of wise choices. For one thing, it has made sure that it is a successful business so that it could not only hold a lot of finances, but a lot of trust as well.


Highland Capital Management has a full website that lists all of its specialties and accomplishments. One could learn about the history of the company and the qualifications of those who are involved. When one decides to do business with Highland, they are choosing one of the most successful, ethical and trustworthy financial institutions.


There are many times when one has to make tough business decisions. These business decisions is the difference between success and losing a lot of money. This is where advisers make the difference. Highland Capital makes sure that their clients are able to profit off of the right decision.