Advantages of Beverly Hills Auto

There’s only one thing better than a new BMW, and that’s a used BMW. With a new BMW you face an incredible amount of depreciation within the first three years, as much as 46%. Buying used avoids depreciation, as well as other new car pitfalls such as being oversold on features. Many dealerships will over sell you on various features found easily on used BMW’s, but not Beverly Hills Auto Group.

BMWs offer many appealing models for buying used. Most acclaimed is the 3 series, preferably the 320d, which is the diesel model. The 5 series also has many appealing models, including the M5 with the executive package. Beverly Hills Auto Group deals in these models and more.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is the best place in New York to purchase a used BMW. With a plethora of models and great financing deals, Beverly Hills Auto Group is the place to go.